Rocket Pants Season 2- Episode 5: Eric M. Hacker

The one where Alex, Jon, and Chris talk about Jet Set Radio and get hacked by Eric M. Hacker. Music by EternalSushi





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Review Pants- Chrono Trigger Spoilerific Fun Time Photo Safari!

So in an attempt at the laziest post in the history of posts, I present to you Chris’s Chrono Trigger Spoilerific Fun Time Photo Safari! I emulated Chrono Trigger so I was able to grab screenshots of things that looked interesting as I played. I might add a comment to give you some context as to what you are looking at….or I might not.

I’ll post a few of my thoughts on the game at the bottom of the post. Time to see if WordPress has a image limit per post!


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Episode 9: Please Stand By

You can download the episode here.

Rocket Pants – Episode 9: Please Stand By


Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode: Chris

Guest this week: Mode B – Guest: Jared Waldo aka Wally, Internet Canadian, and Retro Gamer.

Recording Time :  9:30 p.m. est on December 9th, 2015


Block 1:

  • What have you been playing?
    • Wally- NHL 16, Secret of Mana, Xenoblade Chronicles
    • Chris- Guacamelee, Grow Home,
    • Jon- Vagrant Story
    • Alex- Shovel Knight


Block 2- Special Guest Game Show Pt. 1- Temple Quiz

  • You may already be the winner of a Steam key!


Block 2: Casual Interview part 1

  • Guest Chat- A bit more on the serious side.


Music Break

Dj CUTMAN – Strike the Earth a Shovel Knight Remix


Block 3 -Announcer Quiz?


Block 3 – Pixel Pontification Debut


  • Why do we continue buying games if they are just going to collect dust on the shelf.


Block 3.75 – Typical Canadian- The Hockey Quiz

This one is for honor.


Block 4-  TBD (Alex will think of a snowclone…or something)









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Housekeeping Announcement

Since we have very limited space to host our podcasts for streaming, we are only able to host a few episodes at a time. That being said episode 1 will no longer be available for streaming from places such as Stitcher. Fear not though! You can still listen to Episode 1 by downloading it here. Or by listening to it on YouTube. We apologize for any inconvenience. You can help us by spreading the word about Rocket Pants. If we grow large enough, perhaps one day we will take over the world…or just be able to buy some hosting space.