About us

What is the Rocket Pants Podcast?

A while ago, we had made a parody of the now deceased 1 More Castle podcast for April’s Fool. The joke was fun, but the collaboration was even better, so we decided to start our own podcast. During the better part of an hour, we hang out, have fun and, sometimes, discuss video games. We’ll even bring in some guests to keep you interested. What more could you want?


Contact us?

You want to contact us? Maybe ask to guest on our show? Maybe ask for a video game tip? Or just send in a comment or question? You can shoot us an email at rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com.

If you want to hang about us around the web, follow our twitter account @RocketPantsCast.

You’ll find our individual info below.

The hosts:



Alex Weiss

Alex Weiss has been gaming for nigh his entire life, and out of all the consoles he considers the Super Nintendo to be the pinnacle of humankind. You can find him discussing various matters (both video game and non) on Twitter (@chronoslinger). He also has a YouTube channel which he promises to start updating more often.


Chris A. Swartz

Chris Swartz is on a mission to fill his daughter’s childhood with awesome gaming memories. Chris wears thick rimmed glasses and enjoys craft beer but is by no means a hipster. Check him out on Twitter @ChrisASwartz


Jonathan Hallée

 There’s a lot more to Jonathan than playing retro video games, but it’s mostly video games related. You can check out his ramblings on twitter @Bigjonathan91 but, be warned, some people also think he’s a cat for some reason… just roll with it.


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