Episode 19: Sloppy Jacques Cousteau

Rocket Pants – Episode 19: Sloppy Jacques Cousteau

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Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode: Jon

Guest this week: Mode B: Jonathan Higgins – The first ever person to reach the top of our friend and enemy list! It’s everyone’s favorite rival and Pokémon Master!

Recording Time : April 26th, 8:00 p.m. EST


Block 1:

  • What have you been playing?
    • Jon Higgins- Sega 3D Classics (3DS), Pocket Card Jockey (3DS), Zelda Minish Cap(GBA).
    • Chris- Legend of Legaia (PS1)
    • Jon- Breath of Fire III (PS1)
    • Alex- Batman Arkham Asylum (Steam)

Block 2: Quiz #1-Higgins’ Revenge

You’re a winner!

Block 2.5: Interview Pt 1: Getting to know Jon’s Vengeance themes

Final Fantasy Legend III and where we all went wrong.

Music Break

Steslos (Final Fantasy III remix) by Epic Games Music

Song Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMJeIaomIwo

Epic Game Music Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj4v0IU9lTPzpfm0T3NF1hQ

255 Battles with the Cursed Shield album Bandcamp page: https://epicgamemusic.bandcamp.com/album/255-battles-with-the-cursed-shield


Block 3 – Diving deeper into the world of Jon Higgins 

All about the Sega Channel and E3

Block 3.5- Quiz #2- What kind of Pocket Monster Game Freak is that??!??!
Tough… This game is tough…

Block 4-  Personal shoutouts, project highlights, mini segment

Jon Higgins- @radicaldefect, Gamepodunk.com

Alex- @chronoslinger, Happy Birthday Jon…

Jon- @Bigjonathan91, ugh

Chris- @ChrisASwartz, Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google podcast  

Email- rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com




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