Episode 18: Milk Break!

Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode: Chris

Guest this week: Mode A: No Guest

Recording Time : April 12th, 2016 8:00 p.m. EST

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Block 1:

What have you been playing?

  • Robo-Chris- Pac-Man
  • Jon- World of Warcraft, Kirby Superstar
  • Alex- Fez  


Block 2-  Listener email / Hype Meter

Arcadian Atlas-

Robo-Chris- Yeah, I don’t know about that.

Jon- Yes, yes, back, yes!

Alex- Limitedly hype.



Robo-Chris- I don’t know what that is

Jon- Hyped!

Alex- Yes, hyped.


Music Break

Oil Spill by Analoq

Oil Ocean Zone remix from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

From the Hedgehog Heaven album



Block 3 – Peer Pressure- Wishbringer

  • Robo-Chris- Too many emulators
  • Jon- Try Zork
  • Alex- Try it


Block 4-  Personal shoutouts, project highlights, mini segment

Alex- All I do is stream stream stream no matter what.

Jon- Back these kickstarter projects you crazy people

Robo-Chris- @chrisaswartz


Email- rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com




Thanks to all the livestream viewers!


Also special thanks to Robo-Chris for filling in on such short notice!

Robo-Chris Soundboard


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