1 More Podcastle Episode 147 – Gooey’s Got it!

Alright! The Jig’s up. Last year, we conquered 1 More Castle and imposed our communist will. So we thought we’d return the favor. To be blunt, I think we all miss the 1 More Podcastle anyway. This is probably why this episode was the greatest thing and, at the same time, very emotional for a lot of people. But April’s Fools is to be celebrated so let’s not dwell on the past too much and appreciate what it brought to all of us!

Let’s give a round of thanks to the ex-1 More Castle podcasters (Eric Bailey, Eric Hunter, Jason Lamb and of course, the bannermaker extraordinaire, Andrew Carreiro) for sharing this, hopefully, great April’s Fools surprise with us! Let’s also remind people that Gooey is here for you. He’s got an electrical aura of energy around him and nothing can bring him down. Vote Gooey! OH! Don’t forget to vote in the showdown! We WILL announce the winners.
24:05 — Listener email discussion question “What game’s memory would bring you the most comfort? Which game reminds you of getting punched in the face by a robot?”
31:33 — “Neogauge” by Rolemusic [http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Rolemusic/~/neogauge]
33:57 — Retro Showdown!
36:09 — Bailey’s pick “Kirby’s Dreamland 3” (SNES)
37:15 — Hunter’s pick “Mega Man: Wily Wars” (Sega Genesis)
38:19 — Jason’s pick “Corpse Party” (PC-9801)
39:10 — Another dimension. Another dimension. Another dimension. Another dimension. Another dimension. Another dimension. Well now!

59:49 — Have our space cadets traveled far past the point of no return? You tell us! Vote for your favorite pick in the showdown poll! And of course, any space travel questions can be answer by our leading captain JasonLamb_ in the comments below.


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