Episode 15: The Blorps, Bed Bugs, and Polio




Listen on YouTube


Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode: Chris

Guest this week: Mode B – Guest: Jay Tholen- Chiptune artist, video game composer, creator of Dropsy and all around nice guy.


Recording Time : Tuesday 3/1 @  8:00 PM EST


Block 1:

  • What have you been playing?
    • Jay- Fallout Shelter? Every SNES platformer, Gimmick
    • Chris- Firewatch (Steam), Alto’s Adventure (Android), Kingdom Hearts (PS3)
    • Alex- Pokemon Yellow
    • Jon-Horizon Chase, Mass Effect


Block 2- Guest Game #1 – Video Game Diseases

  • You may already be the winner of a Steam key!  


Block 2.5 Casual Interview part 1

  • Getting to know Jay, his background and how he got into gaming, the chiptune scene, and game development.


Music Break-

“Escape” from the Epidemic Deluxe album by Jay Tholen. We have a link to Jay’s Bandcamp page in our shownotes where you can check out more of his music.


Block 3 – Casual Interview part 2


Block 3.5- Clown Nose(Knows)

  • A Winner is you, or so we hope!


Block 4-  Shoutouts/Project Highlights/Spotlight on Whatever you want.

Jay- @jaytholen, @dropsytheclown

Chris- @chrisaswartz

Alex- @chronoslinger

Jon- @bigjonathan91

Email- rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com




Be sure to check out Dropsy on Steam, Humble Store, and GoG as well as Jay’s Bandcamp and personal site



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