Review Pants – Pac-Man 2 : The New Adventures

Ok. Ok. This is an old review I reposted on Skirmish Frogs, but I can justify it! Pac-Man 2 is one of the only games I can admit is absolutely terribly dreadful. I needed to get this off my back now that it’s releasing on virtual console on the Wii U.
How do you come up with such an horrid, horrid idea? This looks like something straight out of Steam Greenlight Gold. This sounds like something that would be successfully funded on Kickstarter!
I can’t even explain how much of a “faux-pas” this is. Namco, Pac-Man, Super Nintendo… How can any of this go wrong? But it did… Oh believe me it did. Read more for various declination of the word suffering, many questions and your new favorite visual mood indicators.


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