Episode 4: Calamari Dynasty: Super Off Road Maker

Download the episode here.

Rocket Pants – Episode 4: Calamari Dynasty: Super Off Road Maker
Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode : Alex

Guest this week: Mode B – Guest = Eric Bailey

Recording Time : September 29th 8PM EST
Intro: “Welcome to Episode four of Rocket Pants.” The only podcast brought to you by ice. The only substance known to keep your drinks both cold and eventually diluted.

-Introduce special guest, and co-hosts.

-Segway to block one. (Let Bailey go first)
Block 1:

What have you been playing?

Eric (Bailey) -Hearthstone, SMB

Chris – Zork

Jon – Hearthstone, SMB3

Alex – Mario Maker
Block 2 – Casual Interview part 1:

Guest Chat- A bit more on the serious side. We’re going to give the platform to Bailey, and let him talk about what he has been up to since the closing of 1 More Castle, and what the future holds for him. All participate, and ask Bailey relevant questions.
Block 2.5- Special Guest Game Show

Star Topics – The title is pun based game which is also near and dear to your heart. Each question is indeed a star topic. Score ⅔
Music Break
Mario Paint ‘Load/Save the Last Trip-Hop for Me’ [Load/Save] by Disco Dan

Block 3 – Casual Interview part 2:

Guest Chat- Tell us all of your deepest darkest secrets, Bailey.
Block 3.5 – Know Thyself

A long time ago a smart stated “Know thyself” How well do you know yourself? Eric Bailey, which articles of yours did the following quotes originate? 3/3
Bonus Game – How well do you know your authors? Guess which author these quotes are from. 4/5

Block 4: What will be Bailey’s next trending hashtag be?

Jon – #retrogamingcereals

Chris – #princesspeachpuns

Alex – #retrogamingdrunktexts

(Eric) Bailey – #changeawordchangethegame

Misc: Don’t forget to plug this stuff at the end!

Email- rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com



Shoutout- mariomade.com

Masterpiece Microscope
Can You Survive the KOOPARENA?- C87A-0000-005B-A1FC
This is team Rocket Pants, blasting off.


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