Hosting this episode: Alex

Editing this episode: Chris

Guest this week: Mode A – No Guest

Block 1: What have you been playing?

Chris- Spooky’s house of Jumpscares (PC)
Jon- Pitfall (Atari 2600), Lemmings (Amiga)
Alex- Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

Block 2: HypeMeter feedback – Listener question

Hype Meter feedback: News on PaciFire
“Describe your ideal sundae, or MMO, or whatever. It’s a free world, man.” – Andrew Carreiro

Music Break
Bubble Bobble ‘Bubble Dragon’ [Main Theme, Bonus Music] by 7bit Hero: youtu.be/8LYi9tcE0y0
• Game: Bubble Bobble (Taito, 1986, ARC)
• ReMixer(s): 7bit Hero
• Composer(s): Tadashi Kimijima
• Song(s): ‘Bonus Music’, ‘Main Theme’
• Posted: 2014-03-18, evaluated by djpretzel

Block 3: Segment without guest
Blinded by Nostalgia Review: Each host will have approximately 7-8 minutes to review his game, while the other two host ask poignant questions.

Alex’s nostalgic game:

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue
Developer: Traveler’s Tales
Publisher: Activision
Original Release: (PS1,N64) November 30, 1999
Later Release (DC,PC) 2000
Even Later Release: (PSN) 2011

Alex’s rating: Try it

Jon’s nostalgic game:

Dark Cloud 2
Publisher/Developer: Level-5
Original release: PS2 – February 7 – 2013
Other info: 1 player action RPG, Dark Chronicle in Europe

Jon’s rating: Dive in

Chris’ nostalgic game:

The Ooze
Publisher/Developer: Sega Technical Institute
Original release: Genesis/Master-Drive – 1995
Other info: Also unlockable in Sonic Mega Collection for XBOX/PS2

Chris’ rating: Try it

Block 4: Name a Pokemon Pun.
Jon- I have to stop wasting time and scroll through a Pokemon list. Because I don’t want to bidoof us. (sic)
Chris- Oh, that one miltanked. (sic)
Alex- You guys know what Ash says when he is gambling? C’mon baby, pika needs a new pair of chus. (sic)

Download the episode here

Email- rocketpantspodcast@gmail.com
Shoutout- @16bitcatholic, @radicaldefect

Cool Mario Maker Levels:

Koopa Troopas Are Shy Guys by Alex- 52B6-0000-003F-DDCC
Escape! 2 by Alex- E473-0000-0048-7EC9
Lets Get Weird by Matthew (@pressthebuttons)- C82F-0000-0051-2727
Mario Gear Solid by Nick- 6CE8-0000-0046-29D9
Ship, Moderately by Del- D47E-0000-005A-735D
Fire Red by Lipstick-5845-0000-0051-6218
(The one Alex called Good Luck but is actually a bunch of Japanese characters) by S-K 536A-0000-001B-36F5


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