Launching : Rocket Pants

Hello and welcome to the Rocket Pants Podcast website!

What are you doing here? I’ll tell you what you’re doing here! You are preparing to listen to a great podcast featuring three amazing guys: Chris Swartz, Alex Weiss and Jonathan Hallée.

Every two weeks, we’ll discuss video games mostly old ones, but also indie and modern games. That’s not all, every month we’ll welcome (and strong arm) a guest to play along with our (ill-devised) games. We’ll also discuss the subjects other people won’t even write elaborated clickbait headlines about.

Are you ready for this? Because this podcast is launching August 25th.

Rocket Pants, prepare for take-off.


2 thoughts on “Launching : Rocket Pants

  1. Normally I don’t listen to podcasts (not enough time) but I might give it a try. I’m curious what will you be talking about. I guess I’m too young to know most of the old titles but I’ll be glad to embrace anything Amiga-related 🙂 All the links to the podcasts will be included on the webiste, right? Anyway, can’t wait. Cheers! 🙂


    1. Our podcast will actually include both retro and modern gaming. Granted since most of us aren’t super into modern gaming most of it will veer retro and indie. Yes we will be posting a link to listen here on the site. Fear not! They should actually be up tomorrow.

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